This work is about photography in its least utilitarian form (and that said, you could even stop reading here).

To accomplish it, almost 80.000 kilometres have been traveled by car, 23 countries crossed, 192 cities, towns and villages visited and I have no data as to the gallons of fuel, beer and coffee that have been consumed.

This is not a tourist guide, though, as I give no description of the countries considered, no travel tips, no nothing. You won't find any monument or landscape pictured here either (not as subjects chosen and represented as such, at least: you already know there's a tower in Paris, don't you?) also avoiding the staging of anecdotal or folkloristic aspects.

The "narration", by necessity safe from showy exoticisms, by choice devoid of nevertheless noble intentions of social criticism, is a "human landscape" entirely akin to the common experience of the viewer. In fact, the very designation of the place, though present, is irrelevant for the planned purpose, freeing myself from any documentary rigour, inventory completeness or photojournalistic pretext.

There's no claim to be offering novelties, of course, as there's indeed an already large, and perhaps already sufficient, "literature" about the matter. Yet, the inescapable necessity of a photographer is to cope with that often elusive zeitgeist, which by definition pays its ransom to mutability.

And that's when "one" place regains its role as the protagonist, in being the guaranteed constant, the "common place", the collective habitat of shared value systems and identity claims, so divided in spite of all the unities, so united despite all the distances, which is that undefinable continent where I had the privilege of being born and, perhaps, thanks to photography, also the opportunity to understand a little better than I could have without.

Above (left to right, top to bottom):
Hungary, Budapest; Portugal, Lisbon; Netherlands, Haarlem; Austria, Graz. 
Right: Bosnia and Hezegovina, Mostar. 
Below: Czechia, Olomouc.



Truth be told, this project didn't start as a project at all: I started photographing "seriously" at the beginning of the 90's, when I was working on my first book, "Stones - Megalithic Architectures", which prompted me to cross the Alps several times.

But, as you might guess, chasing ancient stones isn't the most exciting photographic task, mostly because they do not run in the first place. So, in my spare time, I started taking "different" pictures not aimed to any specific project but just for the sake of it.

The book was eventually published in 1999, and more editorial projects followed, and again I had some spare time, and...
 At the turn of the millennium I had collected a small portfolio of the so called "street photography" genre, and I started playing with the idea to focus on Europe "that" way. Yet, I had a company to manage, balances to consider, freaky ideas to ignore (or maybe not)...

It's been only on the following decade that I took the plunge to wholly devote myself to this project as such and started travelling Europe with no other purpose than that.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not an attempt to provide an exhaustive, or even reliable, testimony about "something", on the contrary, it represents a rather thin point of view, with no pretence to infer definitions or meanings. In fact, there’s only one thing I can give you for granted: it’s Europe.

Left: Czechia, Prague. 
Below: Romania, Sibiu.


(why what where)

Europe is the only place in the world where I can feel a complete stranger and perfectly at home at the same time. That's possibly why I devoted myself entirely to it, up until now.

Yet, what I mean by "Europe" is not a nation, nor an institution, and perhaps not even a “place”, but rather a direction followed by those being visionary enough to believe it exists.

Nevertheless, Europe is “made” of countries, as much diverse as they can be. At the moment, the archive comprises 250 selected pictures, taken in the following nations (W to E):

Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy (including Vatican City), Denmark, Austria, Czechia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey.

More will be likely added in the near future.

Left: Poland, Warsaw. 
Below: Spain, Burgos (Camino de Santiago).


This site has no commercial purposes and the pictures showing recognizable persons are not for sale and devoid of any commercial intent. All the pictures have been taken in public spaces and show real moments taken from the real life; no permissions for shooting were asked/given: should someone recognize him/herself in one of these shots and wished to be removed from the series, please, contact us, and we shall fulfill any documented request.

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